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There is a direct correlation between the player, horn, mouthpiece and the gap. A consultation will look at all of these areas. I have been personally trained by Gary Radtke.  Look below for the GR rules of playing and my comments.

Mr. Haefner will be available for meetings while he is in Breckenridge Co from July 14-August 16th. Interested parties need to schedule their travel plans ASAP!!!!!!!

GR'S 3 Rules For Brass Playing

1. The lips must be supple and free to vibrate without unnatural impingement or manipulation, cushion is required.

Steve will evaluate you to see if your lips are supple and vibrating correctly.  The rim, alpha angle and complete mouthpiece design can affect this condition.  GR has developed certain playing test to check this condition.  I am trained in determining and correcting any problems here.  Note, some problems with the suppleness of the lips may not be the mouthpiece and I am available to teach lesson if you desire.

2. You need a constant supply of uninterrupted airflow that is supported. The air column must be free from impingement and manipulation.

Steve will evaluate your air flow and check for Impingement and manipulation.  Remember if your lips are supple and free to vibrate you require less air because the system is more efficient.  Note, some problems related to airflow may not be the mouthpiece and I am available to teach lesson if you desire.

3. There must be a match between the player, horn, and mouthpiece. If one changes the others must be able to accommodate the change or be changed as well.

Rule #3 is the key to matching the player to the metal. Any change must be accommodated. Here are a few things to consider. Horn, if you change the trumpet or something on your trumpet this can affect the lip equilibrium
and penetration into the mouthpiece. Leadpipe, gap, venturi, should be measured and saved for future reference. Usually these will give you some insight if something is not working. History is always the key to the future. Lip equilibrium will also have an effect on Rule #1 as it can impinge vibration or cause manipulation.

The gap is important. Things that will change the gap are the way a receiver is mounted,
Leadpipe venturi, exit diameter of the mouthpiece and the shank diameter of a mouthpiece. This can vary for horn to horn and maker to maker. If there is a problem Steve always look here first.

Email Steve for pricing and to set up an appointment.