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Steve Haefner Trumpet Clinics

Steve Haefner is pleased to offer the following informative clinics:

How to be successful as a Church Trumpeter

This informative clinic covers topics including:

- How to identify gig opportunities

- How to work with organists of varying skill levels

- How to pay musically with a choir

- Maintaining the church gig

- Successful performance with various keyed trumpets

The Piccolo Trumpet as your Best Friend

This clinic covers the following topics:

- Efficiency on the piccolo

- Accuracy

- Mental attitude

- Sound Production

- Mouthpieces and Leadpipes

- Turning the piccolo trumpet into your cash register

How To Select The Correct Mouthpiece

Steve Haefner is a trained GR Mouthpiece Consultant. This clinic will show you:

- The GR 3 Rules of Brass Playing

- Death By Chop Manipulation

- How to determine the match between Player, Horn, and Mouthpiece

How To Prepare For An Audition

Auditions can be very stressful. Steve will show students how to overcome nervousness to successfully compete in an audition sitiation.

"OK, I have a gig...now what?"

Getting a gig is one thing. Keeping it is another. Advice from a very busy working trumpeter.

For information regarding Steve Haefner Trumpet Clinics

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