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1HX Signature Model- based on Steve's exceptional early 1970s 1X screw rim mouthpiece, B style cup, #24 throat and H24 backbore. 


This model was developed over eighteen-month by Steve Haefner (Tulsa Symphony Orchestra) and Gary Radtke (GR Technologies).


Rim-The same feel as Steve’s early 1970’s 1X screw rim.  The rim is fairly flat with somewhat sharp bite and most players find it comfortable with good endurance.  Not recommended for players that like a rounded rim.

Cup-This was redesigned and the discontinuities were removed by GR to provide a more even blow and improved intonation.

Backbore-GR redesigned and improved the 24 to meet Steve’s demands.  The discontinuities were removed providing an improved scale, attacks, and tone quality.  Also available with the GR#3 backbore.

Blank-Slightly heavier than other manufactures mouthpieces at the traditional length providing a beautiful huge sound that is stable at all volume levels.       





All three trumpet players in the Tulsa Philharmonic play the Haefner 1HX Signature Model, and four of the trumpet players on the Tulsa Philharmonic sub list are playing Haefner 1HX mouthpieces as well.


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