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1HX PH ( Post Horn )


GR Haefner Series Post Horn Mouthpieces

The 1HXPH or Post Horn mouthpiece is designed to give you a softer lyrical quality to your playing.

The 1HXPH design has a shorter overall length, a larger throat bore, more open throat entrance, unique new backbore, and new shank design.

The 1HXPH is the same as the 3FD but with a trumpet size .385" shank to gap properly on trumpet. This mouthpiece may work on some flugels but it is a great mouthpiece to play post horn pieces like the solo from Mahler 3 or Schumann 2.

Used with a matching flugelhorn the 1HXPH provides a beautiful sound, accuracy of articulation, exceptional intonation, and even slotting throughout the range of the instrument.

Caution - The shank may bottom out on certain trumpets; therefore, the gap should be inspected to insure the mouthpiece doesn’t bottom out on the receiver.

Using the 1HXPH mouthpiece on the trumpet will require the tuning slide to be pulled out.

"I was very fortunate when I had the opportunity to try all of the Haefner piccolo mouthpieces.  They were all great, but the one I liked the most was the 7H*P.  It is a fabulous mouthpiece.  It has the most beautiful sound that you could get on a piccolo trumpet.  It has an ease of articulation that has no parallel and it also has wonderful intonation."

Mike Zonshine, Principal Trumpet, Honolulu Symphony Orchestra